Skincare is something I have payed attention to for many years. It all started when I first started using make-up as a young girl. My mother taught me to first learn taking care of my skin, then start applying make-up. My interest in skincare has never died and I have always wanted to take care of my skin the best way especially during the change of seasons.

In this post, I will be showing you three products I am loving this Winter.


“This little bad boy carries with me everywhere.”


First up is this little bad boy which carries with me literally everywhere I go. Any other lip balm addicts besides me? I hate the feeling of dry lips so I always always always have a lip balm or a two in my hand bag. This shimmering pink lip balm from ACO is one of my favourite beauty products at the moment. This lip balm also covers as a lip gloss which is very handy. So thanks ACO, now I have got my lip gloss, Q10 and Vitamin E covered.

I absolutely love this 2-in-1 lip balm and it’s and excellent everyday product. I always know the result will look good.


“I like to keep this mask in my refrigerator because I love the feeling of a cool face mask.”


A refreshing face mask is always welcomed during the darkest season. This Lumene Vitamin Mask has come in good use whenever I have needed a refreshment and something to wake up my tired face. I have been using this mask 1-2 times a week and have let it work its magic on my skin for about 30 minutes before wiping the excess off with a wet wipe. Little goes a long way with this product because you don’t really need much. I like to keep this in my refrigerator to get a cooled feeling  because I love the feeling of a cool face mask on my face. This mask is also a hero in those days when I feel like my skin needs a bit of a healthy face lift as it is packed with Vitamin C.

A small tube goes a long way as I have had this product for quite a while now. Though I am very eager to try out Lumene’s renewed brand and its new products, I have to finish this one first!


“I decided to grab a bull by its horns and try one out.”


Oh yes, the hero of early mornings. I cannot imagine my mornings without applying eye drops. In fact, I had never tried any eye drops before this one, and suffering from crazy dry eyes this Autumn/Winter, I decided to grab a bull by its horns and try one out. And my goodness have I been silly enough not to try eye drops before.

Imagine applying make up to your face without moisturising it first. Dry feeling or what? That’s how I feel with mascara and eye drops. The minus in this very specific product is its clumsy application. It is unfortunately very hard to squeeze the drops out.

Have you got any cult products you swear by this Winter?

 *Some products in this post have been gifted