The Story

I’m Camilla Czakan, a 22-year-old digital creator and entrepreneur. I warmly welcome you to my personal style and lifestyle blog of 4,5 years.

I’m a mixture of Finnish, Polish and British but born and raised in Finland. I have always loved writing, photographing, fashion and beauty. From a young age, I drew sketches of clothes and shoes, hoping to design my very own collection one day. Throughout my whole life, I have loved expressing myself through dancing, written texts, photos, outfits…everything. All those interests inspired me to launch my very own website where I could share my passions with people with same interests.

In May 2015 I launched as a hobby but I quickly turned my passion in to a small business. In 2017 I created my very first company and started working with well-known fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

I hope my blog is a place where you can be inspired and join conversations, but most importantly a place where you can return over and over again to seek more inspiring content to read.

Much love,

As long as you’ve got passion, faith and are willing to work hard, you can do anything you want in this life.


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