Hope you had a lovely Christmas. ♥

Let’s wrap year 2016. What better way to look back on the year than going through pictures from the past year. So many memories have been captured into pictures and so many memories have taken their special place in my heart.
 Every year has their ups and downs, their so called down turns but also times filled with pure joy. What I remember best of 2016 are the turning points – times which had a massive impact in my life. Finishing school, my graduation, ending school party, moving to my very own home, starting a new job, meeting new inspiring people, my blog turning 1 and many countless memories.
On the last few days of 2016 let’s take time to look back to our best moments when we’re still in the year. 2016 you have been amazing in many ways. Here’s a big bunch of pictures from the past year. Enjoy!

What were your special moments in 2016?

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