Time for the usual Trend Report of the next season trends. So, what to wear this Spring/Summer 2017?

The biggest trend this Spring/Summer. Ruffles on shoulders, trouser hems, shirts, anywhere! In my opinion the best budjet-friendly ruffled pieces are at Zara.

2. Mid-length trousers
Show off your ankles by wearing cropped trousers or jeans and culottes.

3. Statement sleeves
This Spring/Summer shirts look interesting with bell sleeves and knotted sleeves. Wear something statement which turns all eyes.

4. Power colours: Pink and yellow
A pop of colour never hurt nobody? If you’re not daring enough (like me) try starting off with an accessory.
I’m still warming up for these colours though, but never say never. You might see me wearing something super colourful at the end of Summer.

5. Lace
Try wearing a feminine lace bralette on top of a shirt.

6. Embroidery
Embroider details are seen on shirts, hand bags, jeans and jackets. Now this is a trend I’m loving this year, because I can easily spice up my simple wardrobe with embroider details. If you’re not daring yet, try a shirt with flower details and pair it with a simple outfit.

7. Waist belt
Probably the second biggest trend this Spring/Summer is wearing a wide corset belt on top of a shirt, blazer or knit. The combo looks best if you wear a black belt with a white or baby blue shirt. This is a trend I’m not that keen on at the moment, but I’m sure the trend will slowly warm up to me.

8. Paper bag-trousers
What is the paper bag trend? Trousers with a wrinkled waist, which looks like a wrinkled paper bag.

Photos from my Pinterest boards, zara.com