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”How to start vlogs?”  ”How to make the best vlogs?”  ”How to be an interesting vlogger?”  ”Why Youtube?” 
Sound familiar to you? Those were the questions I used to wonder too. Being a part of a campaign by Asus and Microsoft, I am sharing my tips and tricks with you regarding vlogging, which I learned from their The Next Level of

Blogging with Asus -workshop I attended last week. The workshop was hosted by Valtteri Sandberg.

ASUS has held four workshops with useful tips about blogging and becoming better bloggers. The themes have been: increasing visitors using SEO, using Google Analytics with blogging and producing planned content. The best tips from the workshops are published to ASUS’s own blog which you can find at Scroll down to the end of the post to see info of the last workshop and how to apply.


1. Vlogging is a great addition to blogging

Blogging is great but having a YouTube channel as well makes your blogging game much stronger. Posting videos is a valuable extra to your blog – it makes you a much more interesting person for your readers to follow and increases the amount of viewers. Everything is slowly moving from blogging to the vlog world and potential collaborators are seeking for great vloggers to collaborate with.

2. The best platform for sharing vlogs

Ever found a popular vlogger from any other video sharing platform than YouTube? Just what I thought. YouTube is the best and the biggest platform for vloggers. Why? Because YouTube already has a big audience and it always suggests viewers what to watch next. Suggested videos appear to everyone which is one great way for users to find your videos and your videos to get more views. YouTube also offers you to make money, but remember, never vlog just for money, do it because you love it. YouTube is easy and offers you tools to help you make your videos great, and sharing your videos to other social medias is easy.

3. The right equipment

What exactly do you need for making the best videos? You can always start off by using your phone to film, but the minuses when using your phone are often short battery usage, bad quality and the lack of memory space. For a more professional result you need a good quality camera such as a digital camera or an SLR camera. They are professional and versatile and the quality is awesome. However, they are a big investment and they usually weight a lot for carrying it around all day.

Other important gear: a good editing program on your computer, 2-3 lights, good background (a wall or even a sheet) and microphone so your voice on the video is clear enough to hear (and doesn’t echo!).

4. Ideas to create content

To keep your viewers interested, creating good content regularly and posting at least one video a week is key. So what to film? Popular videos on YouTube are challenges, DIY’s, tags, tutorials, hauls, vlogs, outfit videos and videos where vloggers share their opinion. Don’t be afraid to get ideas from other youtubers, but never be a copycat. Capturing ideas from bloggers and turning them into videos is a great way to increase content.

5. Practice makes perfect

Make enough time to film and edit your video. Try different effects like zooming and speeding up to give your video that extra something. Experiment! Practice your editing with time, even if it took you 12 hours. Cliché as it is, practice makes perfect.

6. When the video is ready

Give your video a ”dramatic” title and use big letters. This way your video will be clicked easier and get more views. Never use a ready made thumbnail from YouTube and always make your own. It’s so much more professional and thought. Use a lot of tags in your video. Tag the most popular youtubers you follow (don’t worry, nobody won’t see the tags)  because that way YouTube will suggest your video easily to other users. Link your social medias and contact info in the description so that viewers know where to follow and contact you.

Need more useful tips? Visit The Next Level of Blogging with Asus -blog for handy tips in blogging and vlogging!

Interested in knowing how to use search engine optimization and increase your visitors? ASUS is having their last workshop on Monday december 19th 4-6 p.m. Join in here!

Photos Marianne Sendenali

In collaboration Asus x Microsoft