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Is it appropriate to start talking about Autumn clothes since it’s August? I guess it is since new Autumn collections are in stores already. For me, August is the month where I start changing my outfits from Summer to Autumn meaning that e.g. I slip on my jacket but still keep the outfit wearable for warm days. I’ll give you an example later this week with a new outfit post!

So switching my wardrobe for Autumn means pushing the summery tops at the back of my wardrobe and replacing them with jackets and knits. Autumn is probably my favourite time to dress up since I’m a sucker for jackets and coats. And by showing my love for them even more, a new leather jacket was really needed. I already have a longer one so a shorter one is a great option to have as well. This leather is faux and purchased from Zara. I recommend checking out their leather jackets! They have various options of really chic looking jackets both faux and real leather. Their price range starts from 50 € which is really cheap in my opinion.

Hope you had a good first day at school, talk soon.

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