Wednesday Downtown


Good morning! Yesterday I met Emmi for lunch so I wanted to keep it simple and comfortable. I paired my new white blazer with just a simple v-neck tee and light washed jeans and the orange cross body bag to add some colour. I didn’t wear the heels though but heels always give more posture when taking outfit photos.

Btw I finally found a white blazer after looking for sooo long! Isn’t it funny when you stop looking for the thing you’ve been wanting for so long, you suddenly find it? I immediately saw it when I walked to Zara. I think this was faith…haha

Hope you have a great Thursday! And a massive thank you Emmi for the pictures :-)

Outfit2_zpssuykjab9 Outfit3_zpsjfitlyqe Outfit4_zps6gieb8qv

Everything from Zara except sunglasses from Lindex

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