Ready For The Weekend


This outfit reflects Friday so well. It looks like I’ve just finished work/school and changed the outfit to a more relaxed look by rolling up the sleeves and changed the tight jeans or trousers to these baggy faux leather trousers ;-) I bet you’ll see me wearing these trousers often here on my blog, I’m completely obsessed with them.

So relieved that it’s Friday. I have a really quiet weekend ahead of me so I’ll dedicate my time for relaxing, blogging, watching movies and studying for my A-level exams which will start next week. Keeping my fingers crossed! Have a great weekend! x

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Tiger of Sweden shirt
H&M trousers
Mango bag
Zara heels
New Look sunnies

Photography Claudia Sakkara

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    1. Kiitos Milla! Tykkään itekin ihan mielettömsti näistä ulkonäön mut myös mukavuudenkin takia! :-) xx


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