It’s Coffee Time


There’s nothing better than sitting down for a coffee.

Having coffee with a friend is something that I always enjoy doing. I love a good chit chat with a friend. I could just sit in a cozy cafe drinking coffee for many hours. There’s something really relaxing about it. And because school starts in two days so seeing friends is really important to me now before the school stress and hassle stars, haha!

I seriously can’t believe that I’ll start my LAST high school year on Wednesday… Where did the time go!? I’m starting to get a bit nervous about the upcoming year. Hope it won’t go by too fast so that I can enjoy the time as a senior besides all the stress about the A-levels. But I bet everything will go fine and I’ll (hopefully) graduate next spring.

Some of you will start school tomorrow so I wish you best of luck for your first day! Hope you had a good Monday, talk soon.


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